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Postcard view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Australia Full moon party at Hat Rin, Thailand Dance performance at the Vimanmek Teak Mansion, Thailand 216 faces are carved into the 54 towers of the Bayon at Angkor, Cambodia Statue of Ramses II at Luxor Temple, Egypt Kelabit woman wearing traditional earrings, Malaysia The cobblestone street of Cuesta San Blas in Cuzco, Peru The first rays of sunlight near the village of Colpani San Juan de Jaquegua, Bolivia Looking into the sunset at the top of 5-tiered temple mountain Phnom Bakheng at Angkor, Cambodia Before the rains on Ko Lipe, Thailand Fountain in the middle of round-about, UAE Proof that Sydney is one of the most scenic cities in the world, Australia
Vivekananda Memorial at the meeting point of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal, India FEBRUARY 01ST 2002 Cones of colorful powders for religious rituals catch the eye of potential buyers in Bangalore, India The Three Sisters are highlighted by the evening sun's changing rays, Australia Evening sun reflects in travertine pools at Pamukkale, Turkey Convento de San Felipe Neri in Sucre, Bolivia More than 50t of gold reflect light from Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, Myanmar Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Kuching, Malaysia Elaborate mosaics in Kariye Camii in Istanbul, Turkey Powerful waves of the Arabian Sea crash against the shore at Varkala, India "When I grow up, I will snatch handbags just like my Mom!", India Garganta del Diablo at full moon, Iguazu Falls, Argentina Montanitas de sal (salt mountains), Bolivia
Port Jackson sharks rest on the underwater tunnel of the Sydney Aquarium, Australia "What am I doing here?", New Zealand Two black swans dip their heads into misty Lake Rotorua, New Zealand 7 fingers symbolize 7 years in prison for Lu Zaw (left) and Par Par Lay (right) because of a political joke, Myanmar Volcan Tunupa, Bolivia Passage to Claustro de los Naranjos in Monasterio Santa Catalina, Peru At the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia Wallabies are marsupials, Australia Pink Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, Singapore A continually bubbling display of thermal activity at the Mud Pools near Rotorua, New Zealand The leaves of the melaleuca tree give the water its distinctive color, Australia A frequent ocean breeze lets the kites fly high, Cuba Leaves are eaten in no time, Guadeloupe
Machu Picchu is truly as spectacular as is claimed, Peru Moments before diving into top scuba waters at Ribbon Reef 3, Australia Satay cooks at Mooncake Festival in Kuching, Malaysia Welcome dance at longhouse of Kampung Lalang, Malaysia Tug-of-war against the brute force of the Arabian Sea, India Welcome At Wai-O-Tapu near Rotorua, colors are from different minerals in the water (yellow = sulphur, orange = antimony, white = silica, green = colloidal sulphur/ferrous salts), New Zealand Salto Mbiqua at Iguazu Falls, Argentina Andean condors fly over Canon del Colca at Cruz del Condor, Peru The leaves of the melaleuca tree color the water brown, Australia The salt pans at Salinas de Maras have been used for salt extraction since Inca times, Peru
Selling pasankalla in Copacabana, Bolivia The bluest of waters and the whitest of sands, Australia Tiles at mosque, UAE Morning mist still lingers for the first kilometers on the way to the top of Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia Roe upon roe of shrimp at Kanazawa's Omicho Market, Japan Blossoms of the plumeria tree, Laos' national tree, Laos Sun and turquoise waters at Negril's Long Bay, Jamaica Massive roots are so intertwined with Angkor's Ta Prohm that it is impossible to remove them without causing the structure to collapse, Cambodia Dunes at Ain Umm Elefah near Bahariyya, Egypt Table-like rocks line the coast near the center of Baracoa, Cuba Butterfly Park, Singapore
The picturesque island group of Les Saintes, Guadeloupe Vintage paradise, CubaFinished within a day, IndiaHaveli in the Shekhawati region, India The afterglow of this evening's sunset reflects in the water off Fraser Island, Australia Making a bamboo hat at the longhouse of Kampung Lalang, Malaysia At Madurai's Sri Meenakshi Temple, worshippers make offerings and pray to Parvati for successful births, India Up close and personal at Salto Floriano, Iguacu Falls, Brazil Llamas are a common sight on the altiplanos, Peru JANUARY 24TH 2005 Not a mating ritual but a sunning ritual, Bolivia Tree roots gently embrace Buddha's face in Ayuthaya, Thailand Cuy chactado (fried guinea pig) comes with all body parts, Peru
In many ways, Kata Tjuta is more scenic and mystical than Uluru, Australia The Nazca Lines are mysterious lines and shapes laboriously drawn over 500 sq km of desert: "astronaut", monkey, condor, spider, killer whale, hummingbird, Peru The painting of Kali is as much meditation as it is art, India Great Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary Rock formations in the Western Desert, Egypt Food depot in the underground city Kaymakli, Turkey Mt. Ngauruhoe in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand Moments of sunshine make the Emerald Lakes sparkle while trekking the Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand Trichoreus cactus, Bolivia Details of the El Alamein Memorial Fountain in Sydney, Australia El Alamein Memorial Fountain in Sydney, Australia Plage de la Feuillere on Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe Chullpa (funerary tower) at Sillustani, Peru
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