Trip Checklist - Backpack
Expect the weight of your backpack to be between 10kg and 18kg, depending on whether you are traveling alone or as a couple, on how much warm clothing and how many books you are bringing. This weight includes everything you are bringing, even what you are usually wearing when you are carrying your backpack. Furthermore, all of this should fit into your backpack without using your daypack. If it does not, leave something at home.

Clothing (assuming you are traveling to mainly hot climates)
  • underwear for 3-6 days (at the most 3 pairs of socks)
  • 2 sets of clothing for warm weather
  • cool, light-colored long-sleeved shirt and long pants for malaria protection in the evening
  • 1 set of warm clothing for those cool nights or higher elevations
  • 1 set of more respectable clothing for official purposes like a visit to an embassy
  • 1 set of clothing that keeps you dry (e.g. GoreTex)
  • clothes for swimming
  • clothes for sleeping, and sleep or bed sheets
  • towels or, more useful, sarongs
  • boots, outdoor sandals, and cheap plastic sandals for the shower
  • sunglasses and hat

  • Make sure that these sets of clothing overlap, because otherwise you will be carrying too much. Do not bring jeans or similar material which is too hot and does not dry quickly.

    Toiletry Articles
  • whatever you need but as little as possible
  • toothbrush covers are good to have, and toilet paper is essential
  • Books
  • travel guides, maps, and dictionaries or language guides
  • book about travel health problems, their diagnoses, and what to do
  • diary
  • book to read and swap with someone else
  • Miscellaneous
  • a daypack if it does not already come with your backpack
  • radio alarm clock & batteries and a cheap wrist watch with alarm function
  • set of backpack locks & keys, a padlock, and a sturdy chain
  • laundry stuff (clothes pegs, laundry soap, nylon string, scrub brush, and plug)
  • flashlight & batteries, plastic bags, sewing kit, safety pins, Swiss army knife, and mini calculator
  • UNO cards and Backgammon, or your two other favorite games if they fit in your backpack
  • For remaining items see Documents and Medical Kit.