Travel Health - Vaccinations
Do not even think about leaving without talking to your travel doctor about appropriate vaccinations. Make an appointment at least three months before your departure if you do not have most of these vaccinations.

Basic Vaccinations Good for (in years)        Other Common Vaccinations Good for (in years)
Diphtheria 10 Hepatitis A 20
Tetanus 10 Hepatitis B life
Polio 10 Typhoid 3 for Typhim, 7 for Vivotif
Measles life Meningococcal 3-5
Mumps life European Tickborne Encephalitis 3-5
Rubella life Yellow Fever 10
Flu --- Rabies check after 2, up to 4
  Japanese Encephalitis 2

You may also want to get yourself tested for immunity against varicella (chickenpox) and tuberculosis. There is a vaccine against cholera, but it is only good for six months and not very effective. Vaccines against pertussis (whooping cough) are only given to children. Vaccination against variola (smallpox) is not required anymore since it has been eradicated.

Note that the information in this section was collected in August 2003 and is not exhaustive.