A Day of Errands
New Zealand, © 12.May.2004 kN
New Zealand has 2 official languages: Maori and English. The Maori language is spoken by the the Maori people, the indigenous people of New Zealand. When gM and I were travelling in New Zealand, I expected to hear many new words in Maori. I, however, was also surprised to hear different English words for the same things in Canada!

In the following story, can you figure out what the highlighted New Zealand English words would be in Canadian English? Guess first, then move your cursor over the word, wait a few seconds, and you will find out the right answer! Please note that this will work with Internet Explorer, but may not work with Netscape or Opera.

"Dad, what are we doing today?" ask Mia and Jacob from the breakfast table.

"Today is a day of errands, kids," replies Dad as he writes out the list of things to do. "Hmmm ..." he says, reviewing the list, "we might have some time for a lunch treat too!"

A half an hour later in the car, Dad calls out, "First stop - groceries!"

As they drive into the , Jacob says, "It doesn't look like the grocery store is open yet. There are hardly any cars here."

Mia turns around in her seat, scanning the car park. "I see the sign with the . The store is open. We must be one of the first people here."

As they walk into the store, Mia asks, "Can I push the today - please, please, please?"

Dad says, "Sure," as he remembers out loud what they need to buy. "Milk, bread, eggs, some chicken for supper, a few for the salad, some , a bag of ...."

Forty-five minutes later, Dad, Mia, and Jacob walk out of the grocery store. Their trundler is full. As Dad puts the five bags of groceries into the , he remarks, "This is going to be a lot of groceries to carry up to the , especially since the in our building isn't working!"

Back in the car, Dad's rings. "Hello?" says Dad.

"That was Mom," reports Dad. "She said to buy a for Jacob, for the baby, and a for the camping trip this weekend. Let's walk to the department store from here."

Ten minutes later, Dad, Mia, and Jacob are again back in the car. Dad puts on his because the sun is now too bright.

When Dad drives onto the around a corner, Jacob asks, "Hey, what happened to the road?"

"They seem to be redoing it before winter," observes Dad. "Hopefully, the will be fine on this road."

After a few minutes, they are all startled when a passing truck kicks up stones which hit the car's .

"Yikes!" exclaims Dad. "I hope we get to the soon."

After the next stop at which Dad fills the car with , Dad turns onto the in order to drive to the . "Let's mail that letter to Grandma and Grandpa now."

After the post shop, Jacob says, "Dad, I'm thirsty. Can we get something to drink?"

Dad pulls in front of a . Everyone goes inside to make a selection. Dad asks, "Anyone for feijoa-apple juice?"   A feijoa is a fruit that grows in New Zealand. It can be round or pear-shaped. It has a waxy, greyish-green skin. On the inside, it is a whitish colour. It tastes like a mix of pineapple and guava, or pineapple and strawberry, with a taste of mint (yes, like spearmint gum!).

Dad notices Jacob's face and before Jacob can utter one word, Dad states, "No, Jacob. No today."

Later as they all get back into the car, Mia asks, "Where to next, Dad?"

"We have to stop by the to fill a prescription, and to pick up some and ."

After this last errand, Dad says, "It's almost lunchtime, kids. Who wants ?"

Bonus from Australia: this one is my favourite. Guess the highlighted word before moving your cursor!

As gM and I get off the plane in Australia, the flight attendant announces, "Please exit the airplane by the rear entrance, walk onto the tarmac, and follow the until you reach the airport terminal."