Living in Caves
Turkey, © 15.Jun.2002 kN
Fairy chimnies in Cappadocia near Goreme
Fairy chimnies in Cappadocia near Göreme / © gM
Food depot in the underground city Kaymakli
Underground city Derinkuyu
Food depot in the underground city Kaymaklı (left) and underground city Derinkuyu (right) / © gM
Cappadocia is an area in the middle of Turkey. It is an area where there are rock towers and underground rock cities. People live in the caves of the rock towers and people used to live in the rock caves of the underground cities.

Cave house in Cavusin
Rock tower houses in Goreme
Cave house in Çavuşin (left) and rock tower houses in Göreme (right) / © gM
The rock towers are called fairy chimnies. The rock is soft enough to carve rooms, windows, and door frames. People therefore can live in these caves! The fairy chimnies were made millions of years ago from eruptions from 3 volcanoes.

The underground cities are rooms and tunnels carved out of rock deep underground. There are rooms, windows, doors, tunnels, and stairs everywhere! It is like a maze. There are rooms for sleeping, meeting, eating, cooking, storing food, storing wine, going to school, and going to church. It was very fun to explore each and every room and tunnel, alot of the time with our flashlight!