Hop Hop Hop Bonk!
Thailand, © kN 23.Jan.2003
At Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand, we stayed in a small wooden hut built on high stilts. Sometimes there was electricity, sometimes there wasn't. When there wasn't, we had 1 candle. One evening, I was taking a shower by candlelight. It was dark and I had my glasses off. All of a sudden, I heard 2 bonks! I could kind of see something repeatedly jumping against the bathroom door. I bent down to look closer. It was one of the 4 frogs who lived in our hut! It was trying to get out of the bathroom, but couldn't because the door was closed. When I opened the bathroom door and the frog quickly hopped out, I laughed and laughed.

Most of the time, the 4 frogs sat on the wooden ledges running along the walls of the bathroom. Sometimes they hopped along the floor in our room, and sometimes they sat under the bed. We were always very careful when opening and closing doors in case one of the frogs was sitting behind the door. I was amazed that they even got into the small wooden hut because it is built on very high stilts, and the steps are very high for even people to climb.