The Unexpected
Egypt, © 14.May.2002 kN
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With regard to what I saw ... Even though it was anticipated, the overall oldness of the pyramids, temples, and tombs in Egypt was an unexpectedly stark contrast to the relative newness of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. The difference was strikingly obvious because we had just visited the UAE before Egypt. The natural landscapes of Egypt impressed me. The full moon in the Western Desert was so bright that it cast clear shadows on the white sand. When in Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula, I liked looking across the Red Sea to the coast of Saudi Arabia.

With regard to who I saw ... This was the second country in which most (approximately 98%) of our interactions were with men. Men provided the services we used in hotels, restaurants, taxis, buses, trains, shops, at borders, etc. I noticed this fact immediately. It was something to get used to. In the smaller cities, there were many more men on the streets than women; I found myself watching for women because I rarely saw them.

Overall ... Because we spent 4 weeks in Egypt, traveling to the north, west, south, and east as described in the introduction, this is one of the countries of which I feel I have a representative view. I am happy that we traveled in Egypt. However, all our experiences were wrapped in a thin film of disappointment because people were not straightforward with us. A mix of Egyptian cultural and economic reasons is probably why we had to filter what we were told in order to arrive at a working approximation of the truth. The non-straightforwardness is something to get used to as I travel, something that will become common to me, and something that will therefore fade as an impression distinct to Egypt.

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