United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Photos of UAE
full country name United Arab Emirates
capital Abu Dhabi
population 2.7 million (as of 2001)
surface area 83600 sq km
currency UAE dirham (DH)
exchange rate US$ 1 = DH 3.65 (as of April 2002)
language Arabic
main religion 96% Muslim
Internet users 28% (as of 2000)
Sheesha and the Camel Souq
A muezzin calls for prayer from a minaret nearby. We pass men clothed in traditional dishdashas, long white robes which never seem to get dirty. Women often wear black abayas which cover the ... (more)
With regard to the UAE, Canada is my point of reference for what is different. Therefore, telling you about someplace new also tells you about what is usual or the norm to me. ... (more)
Exuberance: Architecture and Greenification
Without human intervention, the United Arab Emirates would be mainly desert except for a few natural oases. White, black, different tones of yellow and red - each emirate seems to have its ... (more)
My Tripod, a TV Repair Shop, and a Fountain
Remembering hours of carrying my heavy camera tripod in Bali five years ago, kN insisted that we buy a much smaller one. The first time I use the new tripod, I drop its handle into Dubai's ... (more)
Our route through the United Arab Emirates
Our route...
The Creek
Iranian Mosque
The Burj-Al-Arab (left), the Creek (middle), and the Iranian Mosque (right) in Dubai / © gM
A spectator at bull butting
A spice souq
A fruits souq
A spectator at bull butting (left), a spice souq (middle), and a fruits souq (right) / © gM
Our flight from Vienna to Dubai left March 27th, 2002. Our route required a stopover in Milan (Italy) for most of March 27th which we used to visit the city. We actually arrived in Dubai on March 28th and stayed in the United Arab Emirates for two weeks. We returned to Vienna on April 11th, 2002.

The UAE consists of seven emirates of which we visited four: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Fujairah. The main city of an emirate and the emirate itself share the same name.