Photos of Jamaica
full country name Jamaica
capital Kingston
population 2.6 million (as of 2001)
surface area 10990 sq km
currency Jamaican dollar (J$)
exchange rate US$ 1 = J$ 58.3 (as of September 2003)
language English
main religion 35% Rastafarians and spiritualist cults
Internet users 2.3% (as of 2000)
Our route through Jamaica
Our route...
Long Bay
Long Bay / © gM
Lazy day in the water
Lazy day on the beach
Lazy day in the water
Lazy day in the water
Lazy day in the water (I, II, III) or on the beach / © gM
Nothing calmer than a sunset
Nothing calmer than a sunset / © gM
September 18th, 2003, we boarded the Montego Bay bound plane in Toronto for two weeks of sun, sand, warm Caribbean waters, jerk chicken, patties, and Reggae music - believe it! - contrary to a common misconception, not all visitors come to Jamaica for the ganja available anytime and anywhere from 'farmers from the mountains'.

Our plans to explore the beaches and cities, as well as the interior of Jamaica were unexpectedly altered when gM had to return to Canada for a four day blitz visit. Therefore, we ended up spending most of our time in a lovely small hotel on Long Bay just north of Negril, one of the major tourist resort areas. At this time of the year, Long Bay is not too busy and thus very pleasant. The beach stretches for several kilometers, and is lined with big resorts, small hotels, and countless bars and restaurants. Many of them were either closed or fairly empty due to the rainy, low season. Throughout our stay, it rained every day for at least an hour - much appreciated, though, to cool down the tropical temperatures.

During the day, we lazed on the beach and in the water, played Backgammon, took a few photos, and waited for the 'patty-man' with his bicycle loaded with beef, vegetable, or lobster patties, with beef or vegetable loaves, and with coco bread. In the evening, we enjoyed hearty meals at restaurants serving Jamaican fare and listened a few times to live Reggae music. Often, we chatted with the very sociable Jamaicans, listening to accounts of Hurricane Gilbert and life in general. In short, we relaxed as much as we could considering the circumstances, and were sad for not having been able to see more of the island when we left Jamaica for Toronto on October 2nd, 2003.