Photos of Hungary
full country name Republic of Hungary
capital Budapest
population 9.9 million (as of 2001)
surface area 93000 sq km
currency forint (FT)
exchange rate US$ 1 = FT 268 (as of May 2002)
language Hungarian
main religion 68% Roman Catholic
Internet users 7.2% (as of 2000)
Budapest Journeys
Our culinary journey through Budapest starts with hostel-level coffee but ends in delight. We stay our first night in a typical Budapest hostel - a remodelled, high-ceiling apartment crammed with as ... (more)
Thieves & Scams: 0   kN/gM: 1
Budapest. - On day one hundred and six, a variation of Fake Tourist was tried on gM when kN fell behind during the descent from the Citadella. Two men first asked for directions, looking ... (more)
Our route through Hungary
Our route...
In the Labyrinth
In the Labyrinth, Castle District / © gM
Great Synagogue
Great Synagogue, Pest / © gM
Statue Park
Statue Park, near Budapest / © gM
Our train from Austria to Budapest left on April 15th, 2002. We stayed for one day before heading to Egypt for four weeks. After returning to Budapest on May 15th, 2002, we stayed for another three days before continuing on to Romania.

We spent all of our time in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Although neither as scenic as Prague nor as cultural as Vienna, Budapest offers much to see. The Castle District and the Citadella in Buda and, in the Pest part of town, the Great Synagogue, the Hungarian Parliament, and the State Opera House, as well as the Statue Park outside the city limits, are all worth a visit. The opera performances are considered to be of high quality and very affordable.