Photos of Greece
full country name Hellenic Republic
capital Athens
population 10.6 million (as of 2001)
surface area 132000 sq km
currency euro (€)
exchange rate US$ 1 = € 1.05 (as of June 2002)
language Greek
main religion 98% Greek Orthodox
Internet users 9.4% (as of 2000)
Castaways on Gilligan's ... Gilliguki's Island!
We travelled from Kuşadası (Turkey) to Samos (Greece) with a Turkish ferry, and planned to continue onto Athens (Greece) and Rome (Italy) using 2 Greek ferries, the first from Samos ... (more)
Our route through Laos
Our route...
We arrived in Samos, one of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands of Greece, by ferry from Kuşadası, Turkey, on June 16th, 2002. A Greek ferry strike left us stranded on the island which we thenceforth explored for about a week until June 24th, 2002. We finally departed by plane to Munich from where we took a train to Austria.