Photos of Romania
full country name Romania
capital Bucharest
population 22.4 million (as of 2001)
surface area 238400 sq km
currency leu
exchange rate US$ 1 = lei 33100 (as of May 2002)
language Romanian
main religion 70% Romanian Orthodox
Internet users 3.6% (as of 2000)
Two Steps Behind but So Much Closer
Although we only spent one week in one region of Romania, it was apparent throughout our stay that Romania always has been a part of Europe and that, after being deprived of the opportunity to ... (more)
Thieves & Scams: 0   kN/gM: 2
Bucharest. - On day one hundred and fourteen at the main train station, kN and gM were looking for their reserved seats on the train to İstanbul. Unfortunately, none of the carriage ... (more)
Our route through Romania
Our route...
Bran Castle
Bran Castle
Impressions (I, II) from the Bran Castle / © gM
Bucegi Mountains
Bucegi Mountains
Impressions (I, II) from the Bucegi Mountains / © gM
Our train from Budapest to Braşov in Transylvania left May 18th, 2002 and arrived in the morning of the next day. We stayed for one week before heading on to Turkey May 25th, 2002.

We spent all of our time in Transylvania visiting castles such as Peleş Castle, Râşnov Castle, and Bran Castle, medieval cities such as Sighişoara and Braşov, and hiking in the Bucegi Mountains.