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Budapest Journeys
Thieves & Scams: 0   kN/gM: 1
Budapest. - On day one hundred and six, a variation of Fake Tourist was tried on gM when kN fell behind during the descent from the Citadella. Two men first asked for directions, looking confused with a city map in their hands. Quickly, they changed the topic of the conversation to where gM was from, and if one could buy good jeans there. One of the men approached gM, slowly wrapping a sweater around his right lower arm and hand. He asked gM whether the cloth of gM's pants was as great as that of jeans, unexpectedly touching the cloth just above the knee with the free hand. Banking on this sudden distraction, the hand covered by the sweater went for gM's zipped front thigh pocket. The scam was so obvious that it was not difficult at all to avoid. Unfortunately as there were no police close by, the two men escaped.
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