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Two Steps Behind but So Much Closer
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Bucharest. - On day one hundred and fourteen at the main train station, kN and gM were looking for their reserved seats on the train to İstanbul. Unfortunately, none of the carriage numbers matched the number on their reservation slip. An employee of the train station explained that the train had just arrived from İstanbul and that the carriage numbers had not yet been changed. He led kN and gM to their seats in a 6-bed couchette compartment. There, he underhandedly offered to arrange for kN and gM to be alone in this compartment for the whole duration of the 19-hour trip. "Much better at the Bulgarian border because of the amount of contraband on this route", he said. He suggested that a small tip, say US$ 10 (more than fourty percent of the ticket price for one person), was sufficient for such a favor. kN and gM did not believe the Scared Tourist scam, declined his offer and, as he was leaving, were left wondering whether he even worked for the train station at all. As it turned out, kN and gM had the compartment to themselves anyway.
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