My Tripod, a TV Repair Shop, and a Fountain
United Arab Emirates, © 09.Apr.2002 gM
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My Tripod, a TV Repair Shop, and a Fountain
Remembering hours of carrying my heavy camera tripod in Bali five years ago, kN insisted that we buy a much smaller one. The first time I use the new tripod, I drop its handle into Dubai's Creek late at night. I hear "splash" but see nothing. This renders the tripod useless since the handle is required to fixate the tripod. The next day we try finding a replacement with little success at numerous camera shops. A little later, we pass a small TV repair shop with electronics lying everywhere in all stages of disassembly. I explain the problem, mainly with gesturing, to the owner who disappears for a few seconds in his shop's chaos and returns with a box full of spare parts in no particular order. We try screw after screw until we find the right one. He refuses to take any money for his help which leaves us little choice but to come back with tea as a gesture of our gratitude. That the tea shop does not want us to pay for the tea, leaves us simply overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people.

Fountain in middle of round-about, Al-Ain / © gM
Fountain in middle of round-about, Al-Ain
This episode is by no means an exception to the rule. A few days later at night when I am about to take photos of one of Al-Ain's beautiful fountains, the water stops running. Disappointed, I begin to put my tripod and camera gear away when the water starts running again. Happily I start taking photos again. I, however, have to wait for long periods of time because the fountain is situated in the middle of a busy round-about and cars are swooshing by in front of my camera almost all the time. When I am about to leave, I notice a man waving at me. I do not understand why until he gestures whether I am done with taking photos. I nod and he turns off the water again after having waited for all this time. Then he jumps on his bike and sprints away to turn off the next fountain.

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